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Not what you're looking for? He has small, oval ears on either side of his head. He has a small, squarish muzzle, with a big black nose and three small freckles on either side in a triangle pattern. He wears a tall black top hat with a red stripe above its brim.

He has four teeth on his lower jaw.

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His torso is wide and squarish, with a round belly. He has a black bowtie, and two small black buttons beneath his bow tie.

His joints are covered by round plastic balls colored the same as the rest of his body. Interestingly, these animatronics have built-in facial recognition feature that can apparently link to the criminal database. However, a terrible event possibly the Bite of '87 happened in the pizzeria, which resulted in an investigation, lockdown, and eventually its closing. After years of being unused after the closing of the pizzeria, Toy Freddy's parts along with other animatronics' are taken to Fazbear's Fright in FNaF 3 as decorations.

However, Tristan from the Compliance Team ignored her warning.

Toy Freddy

Toy Freddy appears in the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 gameplay section. He will make his way to the office along with the other Toy Animatronics.

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He will eventually walk into the office and stare at the player, causing the lights to flicker. The player must then quickly equip the Freddy mask to deter him from ending their run with a jumpscare.

Toy Freddy appears in Special Delivery as one of the event-exclusive antagonists. He only appears in the Valentine Eventwhich happened from February 6th until February 24th.

His attacks are essentially similar to the other Toy Animatronics. When he goes haywire, the player must look at him while wearing the mask. However, Toy Freddy also has a mechanic where he can randomly drain the player's Battery quickly. To stop this, the player must quickly wear the mask until the effect stops.

He appears to be similar to the nature of Toy Freddy Fazbear, almost sharing the same model with him, but wearing VR Goggles. His appearance is a dark neon purple and black neon color, which also applies to his hat, bowtie, buttons, and microphone. He is textured with few cyber-styled circuit lines and wears a virtual-reality headset.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Not sure who made the render on the page? Check out the Wikia Credits! He is the first of three skins from the Arcade Mayhem event to arrive.

Appearance He appears to be similar to the nature of Toy Freddy Fazbear, almost sharing the same model with him, but wearing VR Goggles. In his attack mode, he is replaced by Attack-Mode Toy Freddyhis neon skin color turns fiery orange, covered with several glowing circuit web textures, and no longer wears a headset to reveal his bright yellow-green eyes.He is bright shiny blue in color, with his belly and the insides of his ears colored a pale powder blue.

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He has green eyes, purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and rosy red blushed cheeks. He also has a white circular tail which is best seen when he is crawling through the Right Air Vent. Like the other "Toy" redesigns, he is much smoother in texture compared to the original animatronics.

He also has a more modernized appearance, bearing multi-joint fingers and a hard casing, as opposed to the fabric covers of the originals. Toy Bonnie also sports a red bow tie, whisker spots, and buck teeth.

His eyes also appear articulated, as if he can move them freely. His pupils grow smaller the closer he gets to the player. Like the original Bonnie, when on stage, Toy Bonnie holds a guitar, which is red and white with a black neck.

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However, unlike his counterpart, Toy Bonnie can be seen with his guitar while absent from the Show Stage. An intriguing, yet disturbing detail is that Toy Bonnie's pupils become smaller when entering the player's office and attacking, as if the pupils contracted like organic eyes.

Why and how this occurs is unknown, and is likely aesthetic. He can be seen holding his guitar in Party Room 3, though he does not appear to carry it elsewhere. Toy Bonnie is a haunted animatronic with psychotic issues, as, like the rests of the animatronics, he does his best to trying to catch and kill the night guard presumably by stuffing him into an animatronic suit, which would kill him.

Toy Bonnie is a very common animatronic to encounter, especially on much earlier nights. He also tends to be one of the first animatronics to move offstage. Toy Bonnie appears to move very slowly, and takes his time when going through the vents. If done correctly, the player will see the lights briefly going out as Toy Bonnie slides from the right to the middle of the room, staring closely into the player's Head before vanishing.

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Failing to equip the Head on time, then raising and lowering the Monitor, will result in a Game Over. However, on some occasions, Toy Bonnie will not attack the player, but, rather, stay in the vent.

toy freddy x toy bonnie gacha life

Toy Bonnie appears as a supporting antagonist in this game. He attacks on earlier nights. He tends to move first in the earlier nights. Toy Bonnie begins his path by moving to Party Room 3.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Five Nights at Freddy's Store Page. Fishmonger View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Fishmonger ; 28 Mar, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 76 comments. Golden Freddy, seeing as he is technically Freddy he would be male. Also, I have a theory about Mangle. I think that Mangle is The definition of a 'Ladies Night' : " A ladies' night is a promotional event, often at a bar or nightclub, where female patrons pay less than male patrons for the cover charge or drinks.

As we know Chica and Toy Chica are female, it is clear that Mangle must be the male unless the Marionette's gender is confirmed male.

Golden freddy and the puppet are boys there is evidence in Game Theory video in youtube about the fnaf story line. Originally posted by Negern :. Originally posted by The Lazy Procrastinator :. Originally posted by Ferretbruh :. Freddy is a girl look it up in game files.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Mar, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I need a tip for nights 5!!! OBS problem. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.As an editor of the wiki, note that this page has content that are upcoming.

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She is based on the female version of Wolf from Freddy In Space 2. Roxanne Wolf is designed to be based on an wolf. Just as the other members of the Glamrocks, she is dressed in s vibe. Her facial features greatly resemble both Foxy and Mangle, most notably with lipstick and her amber eyes. Roxanne, however, has visible metal segments below her eyes to resemble whiskers opposed to the red cheeks of Mangle. Roxanne's ears have a light gray center lined at the edges with a gray outline.

Her right ear notably has a single silver earring. She has silver hair with a lime green fringe, pale "skin", and has a grayish white snout, a small black nose and whiteish gray fur inside her ears, around her eyes and at the tip of the tail.

She has long, sharp yellowish green nails. She has a red chest piece, a narrow metallic waist, and red shoulder guards above her segmented arms, which end in purple sports tape wrapped around her forearm, the heels of her leg to resemble leg warmers. Like Glamrock Chica and Montgomery, Roxanne holds a lime green keytar.

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toy freddy x toy bonnie gacha life

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Toy Bonnie

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toy freddy x toy bonnie gacha life

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